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Being a licensed private detective and a certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist, it seemed only natural for Roger J. Willard to also study and practice forensic hypnosis. Just prior to the 2005 National Guild of Hypnotists annual convention, he attended and successfully completed a course consisting of 30 hours of study in forensic hypnosis. He received certification from the Guild and Mindsight Consultants of Michigan City, Indiana.

Forensic hypnosis has been used for years by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Its use in memory enhancement has aided countless cases to help bring criminals to justice, while at the same time giving the accused a tool to aid in their defense.

In a criminal trial, there has been case law to establish the use of hypnosis in court. In Pennsylvania, hypnosis does not preclude a person testifying for the prosecution, but only that of which he or she knew before being hypnotized. Information gathered under hypnosis must be corroborated by other evidence and then that must be introduced into court. The US Supreme Court have also decided that the defense has no established limitation on its use in court. (Rock vs. Arkansas). Naturally, this is always subject to change and the interpretation of the current court. Please understand that this is not to be construed as legal advice, but rather a guideline for further study for the attorneys involved.

It can also be used in civil trials to help find evidence to settle disputes between plaintiffs and defendants. Counsel is again asked to study this further for its use. Hit the books!

Points to remember about the use of forensic hypnosis.

  • It is not a tool for ascertaining truth or falsity.
  • It is merely a technique for reviving or refreshing memory or perceptions in involved in that memory.
  • It does not guarantee that memory will be refreshed.
  • It does not guarantee that the memory refreshed will be any more accurate with or without hypnosis.
  • It does not guarantee that the subject will not lie under hypnosis.

But it is an effective aid in reviving memories in many cases and that memory can help provide information important to the case. The use of a trained forensic hypnotist is important in legal matters. Care must be taken not to create false memories that would taint the information or cause a wrongful outcome.

For more information on forensic hypnosis, call 717-872-7561 or toll free at 1-877-872-7561. We will be glad to discuss it further with you.

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