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Lose Weight with Hypnosis!

Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the hardest things a person can do in their life but it can be done. We are raised in an abundant society and told to clean our plates (something about all of the starving children in other parts of the worlds). You parents and grandparents may have lived through the depression and wanted the best for your family and to never be hungry. But because of this, emotions rather than true need for food have helped to create our obsession with food and eating. Fad diets are temporary and unused exercise equipment is a waste of money. Change your mind about what you eat and motivate yourself to move more is essential and hypnosis can help you do both.

Because we associate food with our emotions, most people overeat. We live to eat rather than eat to live. We find comfort, acceptance, love, even hate and revenge in eating. We will eat to feel good and then feel bad because we overate. Then to feel better again about ourselves, eat more and start the cycle all over again.

This cycle then takes another turn in that our physical body gets trapped into a cycle of certain foods which help to cause real hunger cravings and desires. Sugars and certain carbohydrates raise our insulin and then cause cravings for more food sooner than we need. This rise in insulin also causes us to crash later feeling sluggish, tired and sleepy.

Our metabolism gets out of order and we try to eat less. We eat less and our metabolism slows down and then our energy slows down and we move less. And when we move less, we burn less calories. So we try to eat even less to lose weight. And it starts all over again.

We do need help and willpower alone is not enough to lose weight. A new mindset is needed. A mindset which will help us do two things. First, eat less of bad foods and more of good foods, and second, to get up and move more. Both can be very hard to do. Eating less when you have emotional attachment to food is one of the hardest things a person overcome. But it can be done with hypnosis.

Getting the body to move more is hard if you have never been active or you have been inactive for a long time. One can have good intentions to exercise, but if you don't take that first step, nothing is going to happen. You must make some changes in your subconscious mind to make the long-term commitment to exercise. Again, it can be done with hypnosis.

Commitment to change with hypnosis can get you back on the road to a healthier you. Losing weight to feel better, look better, and live longer can happen, but only if you call to make an appointment. Let us help you to set up a plan to lose weight. And in cases where the client is medically obese, we will work with you and your family physician for the safest medical plan possible.

Call now for more information and to set up your appointment. Call 717-872-7561. Make it happen now.

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