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Breast Enhancement

       Yes, with just the power of your mind, you can have larger and more attractive breasts.

       It's true. There is scientific evidence* that hypnosis can increase the size of a woman's breasts in just a few months. On the average a woman can increase her bust one full cup size, adding inches to her chest within this time. Imagine, larger, firmer and more attractive breasts without surgery. See yourself wearing clothes and having the profile you used to only dream about. You know the dangerous possible side effects and complications, drugs and pain killers, and recovery time needed with surgery. With hypnosis there are none of these. Hypnosis is completely safe and natural. In fact, you have probably been in hypnosis several times today already. Such as driving and missing your exit because you were thinking of something else. Your exit was in plain view and you did not see it. Every time you focus on one thing, you mind goes in to a trance like state and which a light form of hypnosis.

     This is not for everyone. As stated before, you must commit to the program. You must also have a positive attitude about your success. And with this attitude and commitment, you can reach your goal of larger and more attractive breasts. For more information, call 717-872-7561.

The Breast Enhancement Program

     This program consists of four sessions and three audio recordings. At the end of the first session the client receives her first audio recording which she is to listen to at least once a day for the first week. The second session is a week after the first session and at the end of that session she receives her second recording to listen to for the next week. The third session is a week after that and she receives her third and final recording to listen to for the next week. At the end of the third week she is to alternate the recordings for the next 9 weeks. The client is given a chart to write down progress for the full 12 weeks of the program.  Please be sure to read our Accutane generics brands page for more information.

*Scientific Evidence

Peter H.C. Mutke, M.D. (UCLA) - Research paper on Mental Techniques for Breast Development to the Department of Neuropsychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles, February 28, 1971.

Williams, J.E. Research on Stimulation of Breast Growth by Hypnosis. "Journal of Sex Research," 1974, 10:316-326. Thirteen volunteers averaged 2.11-inch increase in the circumference of their breasts (2 cup sizes).

Staib, A.R., and Logan, D.R., Hypnotic Stimulation of Breast Growth. "The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis," 1977, 4:201-208. Repeated Dr. Williams' results with similar results. Follow up study showed that 81% of the breast enlargement was retained several months after the women stopped their visual imagery. Study also found women's waist size decreased by 1.4 inches.

Willard, Richard. D. (No Relationship to Willard Hypnosis Center), Breast enlargement through visual imagery and hypnosis. "The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis," 1977, 4:195-200. Dr Willard used a different technique than Dr. Williams and achieved an average 1.44 inch increase in breast size for his 22 volunteers. Every woman had an increase in their breast circumference.

Beran, Roy (neurologist at Adelaide Children's Hospital, England) Study presented in February 1979 to the National Convention of Hypnotherapists in Adelaide. Dr. Beran showed that the breast volume more than doubled during the 90 day hypnosis program.

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